How is leather reused?

Leather is a sustainable choice! 

You probably know that leather is not only very beautiful, but also a versatile product. It is used for countless applications, from shoes to furniture. From organ straps to handbags. From cleaning cloths to orthopaedic prostheses. It is one of the most versatile materials. Leather is also very durable! Leather and leather by-products can be recycled. At the end of its long lifespan (which in itself is very sustainable), leather is reused, for example, as filling in punching bags). But other products are also made from it, such as leather cardboard. This in turn can be used for insoles and heel inserts for shoes. But we also see recycled leather appearing in wallcoverings, where it has been creatively incorporated. The possibilities of recycled leather are endless!

Buy less of better quality

The long life of leather can be further extended by repairing products. We see more and more repairers focusing on leather goods. You can easily maintain leather yourself. An additional advantage: the older the leather, the more beautiful it becomes with use. An investment in quality is an investment in the future.